Heirloom Precision | Acknowledgements
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In 2005 I moved to Arizona to pursue a career that would quickly become the uncompromising passion I have today to create exceptional handcrafted custom 1911s. Throughout my career I have had the benefit of the support, knowledge, and tutelage of numerous people both in and out of the firearms industry. The following are just some of the people who have helped guided, aide, and support me on my path to creating the best custom pistols I can.

Jaime Burton

My wife, Jaime, who puts up with the constant long hours in the shop, my obsessive nature, and never ending quest for perfection. Her support is unmatched.

Steve Bailey – RPI Consulting, LLC

Steve is a retired Captain from a large Sheriff’s Office in Arizona. He has been my long time cohort, collaborator, and confidant and was originally a member of Heirloom Precision. While Steve’s current work as the principal at RPI Consulting keeps him busy enough for three people he still enjoys spending leisure time with the 1911. 


Brady Miller

Brady Miller is the head honcho behind the company Monkey Edge and whats more a true to form American entrepreneur. Our introduction was established through our common interest in firearms and firearms training and since then Brady has been a priceless consultant on all things business related. Brady is also the talent behind the photography you see on my website, he is 100% self taught and clearly understands how to communicate my work through his images.


John Van Zyck – VZ Grips

I’ve known John since almost the very beginning of VZ Grips and it has been a pleasure to watch his company grow into the benchmark it is now. John’s willingness to take on my special projects is only outshined by the friendship and unwavering support he has had for my work.


Ted Yost

Originally one of the members of Heirloom Precision, when I first got into this industry Ted passed on to me knowledge about machining and much of what I have used to develop the 1911 building techniques I employ today. My knowledge and experience base benefited from the years we worked together.

Rob Leatham – “The Great One”

Rob was the first person I met when I moved to Arizona and he is without question the best pistol shooter the world has ever known. Rob’s knowledge and influence have played an enormous role in both my progression as a shooter as well as the development of certain techniques I use on my custom builds. Rob is a constant resource for all things gun related.


Clint Smith – Director of  Thunder Ranch, Inc.

My very first professional firearms instruction was in 2003 under the tutelage of Clint Smith. Since that time I have attended countless classes at Thunder Ranch as well as becoming a staff instructor in there in 2011. I consider Clint a true mentor of mine whose influence has helped guide and shape my philosophy on guns, gear, shooting, tactics, as well as the guns I build. Clint is a genuine icon of the firearms industry and I am proud to have him as a friend.


Larry Vickers – Vickers Tactical

I first met Larry in 2008 when I attended his Advanced Marksmanship course and it was easy to see that he and I shared many of the same ideas about the custom 1911. Since that time I have had the pleasure to build Larry three custom 1911s as well as collaborate on a few other projects. Larry is a true small arms expert with a remarkable depth and wealth of knowledge and I am lucky to have him as a resource for anything firearms related.