Heirloom Precision | The Hi-Power
A classic elegance that shooters and enthusiasts seem naturally drawn to.
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Known throughout the world, the Hi-Power has always displayed a classic elegance that shooters and enthusiasts seem naturally drawn to. The intuitive ergonomics incorporated in this Browning design along with the slender slide and natural grip shape make the gun an easy choice for those wanting a steel framed 9mm with a larger magazine capacity. While the P35 platform is certainly not the bulk of my work, it remains a great pistol for the client wanting bespoke representation of Browning’s other masterpiece.

The classic profile of the Hi-Power lends itself to tasteful, well thought out modifications that can enhance the performance and usability of the Hi-Power. The front strap is high-cut where it meets the trigger guard and treated with either stippling or hand-cut checkering to provide a positive grip on the pistol. The backstrap of the pistol is textured to match the front, the mag-well opening is enhanced, and a host of reliability modifications are performed. A precision fit match grade barrel allows the gun to achieve its full potential while higher visibility sights give the shooter something great to look at and cosmetically pleasing to the profile of the pistol. Slide tops can be flattened and serrated or treated to a matted texture that cuts down glare but won’t drag on holsters. However, the best enhancements come in the form of high-cut and bobbed hammer and a custom made enlarged thumb safety.


The biggest complaints of a stock Hi-Power are the sights, the thumb safety, and the hammer bite. The sights are relatively easy to remedy but the latter two require a bit more care to insure the modifications are both functional and cosmetically pleasing.  The custom-made thumb safety features an enlarged paddle that replicates the angle of the 1911 safety making activation and deactivation much easier. Further modifications are done to the frame to insure a positive feel when operating the safety. The hammer is completely re-profiled with a generous undercut that won’t bite a shooter with even the highest of grips. Combined with re-worked trigger components a crisp clean breaking trigger reminds the shooter of what makes these Browning designs so special.


The final finish and detailing along with a flawlessly executed de-horn keep the gun true to its heritage while accenting the classic lines this gun is known for. As with every pistol I build, these guns are meticulously handcrafted one at a time for the discerning shooter, enthusiast, or collector.