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Skillset Magazine
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Robert S.

“Jason, I want to tell you how much I am enjoying this 1911. It is definitely not a safe queen, it is TOO fun not to take to the range. In less than a year, and over 12K rounds through it, it feels like a part of me. “

Scott S.

“Jason, awhile back I sent you a nice Government Model 70 Series Colt and for the last three hours I have been taking in every subtle nuance of a magnificent work of art you have sent back to me. The fit, the finish, the hand checkering, the 24K gold line sight inlay, the curved arrow serrations on the top of the slide, the attention to EVERY SINGLE detail… and that’s just on the outside. I could go on and on. I am stunned and have not even fired a round!!!”

Chris L.

“Jason, I received the Colt, and the only thing I can say is that it is truly a work of art. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but all of the pictures I have seen don’t come close to seeing it and holding it. Have already got several ‘oohhs and ahhhs’ from my friends at work. Again, it was a pleasure dealing with you on the build. You are a true craftsman.”

Alan S.

“… the best shooting 9mm I own. By a mile. Far more accurate than I am. Can’t say enough about the quality. Just beautiful.”

Adam K.

 “Jason my good sir! It’s difficult for me to express how superb the gun you created for me truly is — it is, in a word, monumental”

“You, my friend, are in your Golden Period, and its a true privilege to own a weapon bearing your signature.”

Clint Smith – Director of Thunder Ranch, Inc.

“I think I have scored an absolutely magnificent mechanical device made by a very competent young man. Although my first inclination is to store or safe-princess the Burton 1911, in reality it’s going to work. This is an everyday carry pistol to be used for the serious work of personal defense for my family”

George M.

“Jason, one hell of a cannon! Clearly an overkill, but absolutely beautiful. You build one hell of a gun.”

Justin D.

“This is one bad-ass blaster! I am literally at a loss for words. Everything is perfect! Cheers!”

Larry Vickers, Vickers Tactical Inc.

“I received the completed pistol in early August 2011 just before the first of three 1911 Centennial classes with Ken Hackathorn and I. The pistol was displayed along with other custom 1911 pistols at the class (including some that I built). In my opinion this Burton pre-war Colt is the finest 1911 I have ever received from another gunsmith – and to be honest it is nicer that I would have been able to do for myself in terns of fit and finish. The pistol is absolutely stunning and a tribute to Jason’s workmanship.”

Karl S.

“Jason – The gun is magnificent… “

Wesly E.

“Jason – Love my Clint Smith Signature pistol… AWESOME JOB!!! Your bluing is great, hell better than great, best I’ve ever seen for sure!!! Thanks for all the great work!”